Spiritual Inwardness

MARK IVANOV JEANS offer a unique and unmistakable style, characterized through a distinct fusion between fashion and internal spiritually.
Cristina the fashion designer, uses a simple technique but at the same time an effective and profound one too. All her phrases, ideas and concepts are handwritten, then embroidered onto her creations, thus giving the garment a special, unique and inimitable style.
Each embroidery contains a profound content, engraved onto the fabric just like tattoos are imprinted onto skin. All phrases have motivational messages that may help the wearer perceive positive thoughts and overcome daily adversity. This is what gives the wearer that extra touch and makes them unique.

What looks good to the eye, makes the mind feel better...

The choice to use woven denim blue jeans fabric, was not only for its strength, its creative ability, nor its distinctive blue colour, 'the color of feeling'. It also has an important history of over 150 years telling many stories with strong emotional meanings.

For Fashion designers, it is no longer sufficient enough to be able to create, process and work with materials following their inspiration that materializes first in their mind and then by hand, it is the creations hidden in their soul fulfilling the need to distinguish themselves from others and communicate their own internal spirituality and sole.

A unique brand that is daring, bold and does not go unnoticed, portrays class and allows you to make yourself known.

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